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Aum: The Melody of Love

Aum: The Melody of Love

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Seek the sound that never ceases. The winds of God’s grace constantly flow into this world through Holy AUM. The Sacred Sound has many names, and mystics of all religions revere it. Just as light is intrinsic to a lighted lamp, the sound of AUM is integral to the presence of Spirit. God’s nature is bliss, and to share His joy, He created the universe through Cosmic Vibration. The sound of the Cosmic Vibration is AUM, and listening to it brings the greatest bliss imaginable. AUM is the Omnipotent Force that propels each soul toward Spirit. It’s the sacred, inner fire. As you approach the cosmic blaze, you feel at first its radiant, soothing comfort; then, as you come closer—AUM’s liberating flames consume you—and bring you to God.

We have all heard of the sacred word AUM, and heard it chanted as a mantra by meditators. But what is AUM, and what does it signify? This book takes readers on a journey into the deeper teachings of AUM and the blissful realizations that await those who access this expansive sound vibration


“This book by Nayaswami Bharat makes the cosmic sound of AUM a living reality for the devotee. It’s no longer a mere metaphysical concept spoken about in the scriptures but a manifestation of God’s love and grace that is waiting for us to be tapped into. Filled with practical tips for meditation, visualisations and activities, the reader would find his life transformed and his consciousness expanded by the comforting presence of AUM.” - by Shivendra

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