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Deep Nature Play by Joseph Cornell

Deep Nature Play by Joseph Cornell

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Have you ever been so deeply immersed in something so divine and so captivatingly beautiful that you lost yourself in it, experienced its splendor and magic as you had never experienced before (as if a door of heaven opened and you saw a glimpse of God), and your life changed forever?

Such beauty and power are the gifts that nature offers us. Yet very few of us have experienced its miracles.

Joseph Bharat Cornell's latest book, Deep Nature Play: A Guide to Wholeness, Aliveness, Creativity, and Inspired Learning, takes us on magical journey into the heart of nature, where, through play, we lose our sense of separateness and experience nature as part of our Self.

By exploring the concept of "play," Cornell shows us that in "deep play" we become fully immersed in the present moment and feel intensely alert and alive. This alertness and aliveness are what enable us to experience nature in its purest form and discover its deepest secrets.

Through "deep nature play," we see beyond form. Our attentiveness while we are in nature allows us to feel and experience the divine presence that dwells in each tree, flower, and rock. Such experiences are deeply profound and can transform forever our relationship with nature and with all life.

Deep Nature Play won three international book awards. Its author, Joseph Cornell, is a world-renowned author, educator, and naturalist, whose books have sparked "a worldwide revolution in nature education," been published in twenty-five languages, and sold over a million copies.

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