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Mantra Play Box (5 in 1) as recited by Swami Kriyananda

Mantra Play Box (5 in 1) as recited by Swami Kriyananda

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"To listen to AUM is the only work that has been appointed to man" - Lahiri Mahasaya

Over millennia, great masters of yoga have given mantras, which in the words of Yogananda, are full of "spiritually beneficial vibrational potency". Reciting or listening to them, helps the devotee lift his consciousness and stay there as long as possible. The more one remains in that uplifted state, the quicker one realizes it to be his true reality.

The Mantra Play Box contains 5 such mantras as recited by Swami Kriyananda:


*Gayatri Mantra

*Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

*Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

*Sri Ram, Jai Ram

With adjustable volume, it makes a great addition to your room, office/workspace, temple, altar, or simply an area that you want to be filled with spiritual vibrations. Swami Kriyananda's voice further adds more power to the mantras and helps us tune into Yogananda's divine ray of consciousness. It also makes it a great gift for every spiritual seeker! 

1. Plug the cable into a socket and rotate the dial clockwise to play the chants. 

2. The default chant is "AUM." Pushing the "Changer" button will play the next chant in the order mentioned above. 

3. At any point, the "Reset" button will bring the "AUM" chant back. 

4. The dial can be used to adjust the volume as per your liking 

Dimensions: 6*4 " 

Color: White

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