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Out of the Labyrinth: For Those Who Want to Believe, But Can't

Out of the Labyrinth: For Those Who Want to Believe, But Can't

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For Those Who Want to Believe, But Can't

Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) 

The last hundred years of scientific and philosophical thought have caused dramatic upheavals in how we view our universe, our spiritual beliefs, and ourselves. With the advent of Darwinism, relativity, nihilism, and existentialism, traditional religious dogmas have been challenged as never before. Increasingly, people are wondering if enduring spiritual and moral truths even exist.

Out of the Labyrinth brings fresh insight and understanding to this difficult problem. In clear and accessible language, Walters demonstrates the genuine compatibility of scientific and religious values, and how science and our most cherished moral values actually enrich and reinforce one another. The author lays out a new approach to spirituality that both solves the problem of meaninglessness and champions the possibility of human transcendence and divine truth

Topics covered include:

Institutions and the Individual

Nihilism and the Search for Values

Values–Absolute or Relative?

Truth in Relativity

Meaning in Evolution?

In Search of an Absolute

The Law of Transcendence

This book is a must for anyone struggling to find answers to these questions and the meaning of human existence

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