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Sharing Nature by Joseph Cornell

Sharing Nature by Joseph Cornell

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Sharing Nature with Children sparked a worldwide revolution in nature education. Now that classic has been completely rewritten, with many added new activities--and combined with Sharing Nature with Children II--to make a treasury of some of Joseph's best-loved nature games for children and adults, in one complete volume: Sharing Nature.

Not just a book, this is a powerful approach to nature education. Fans of the original work will be excited by this new version of their beloved nature handbook, which incorporates the author's latest insights. (Cornell drew upon a wealth of experience to significantly revise and expand this book.) New readers--including outdoor enthusiasts of all types and nature-based schools and instructors--will be enthralled by this phenomenal teaching tool.

Essential, easy to use, Sharing Nature is nature awareness made simple. It makes experiencing nature fun. An extraordinary resource for anyone who would like to get in touch with the land, trees, and mountains. This book is a treasure trove of games and activities that tap into our natural curiosity, imagination, and wonder. Give a friend or a child an experience of Nature and wildlife that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Sharing Nature takes readers beyond their intellects and into their hearts, where true understanding and appreciation take place. The wildly popular nature activities in this book arouse a sense of mystery and engender quiet attention, observation, and the possibility of revelation.

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