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Blissful Yogi

The Yoga of Marketing: Inspiration Over Information by Kalamali Joy

The Yoga of Marketing: Inspiration Over Information by Kalamali Joy

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We all need a fresh perspective when it comes to defining our vision and goals while creating a new business. In a time when we are all being called upon to rise up to meet our challenges, we need to learn how to call on our highest vibration to help us find the connection between our inner and outer transformations. Do we follow the existing market... or do we trailblaze a new path?
According to the ancient yoga teachings of Self-realization as brought by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, the solution to success in any endeavor lies within. We simply need to learn to ask the right questions, and then quiet our minds enough to listen for answers. The ancient teachings of yoga are time-tested.
Yogananda has brought them to light in this time of awakening energy to show the importance of enthusiasm, creativity, centeredness, and joy for embarking on any endeavor. Throughout the pages of this book, you’ll find introspective exercises and practical strategies to help you achieve your full potential, based on Yogananda’s Superconscious Living Principles of Self-realization.
Topics include:
  • Developing clarity and focus
  • Increasing energy and magnetism to attract solutions
  • Getting organized and creating a sustainable plan of action from the inside out
  • Determining practical next steps to expand and build your network through content creation
  • Learning the importance of balance, harmony, and an attitude of service to others


“Doing your exercises once again opened my heart to what I started my business for, and reminded me of what I have to give.” —J,

CA Kalamali Joy began her journey in the field of public health, studying health communications and going on to serve nonprofits, universities, and small businesses around the world, providing a new approach to storytelling, virality, and digital content creation—all to inspire positive change by motivating target audiences to their core.

For many entrepreneurs, Kalamali is the go-to specialist for finding that inner spark which launches an inspired and successful career. Inspired by her teacher, Swami Kriyananda (a direct disciple of Yogananda), she presents marketing as a direct reflection of one’s vibration and values.

Her popular blog and courses can be found at

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